We provide measurement and analysis systems for testing and data validation of autonomous vehicle systems, and vision AI development to the world's leading OEM, tier1, and the vehicle driving platform industry.

ADAS Measurement Analysis System

Recording, re-processing, and analysis functions are essential in order to develop and test the autonomous system and vision AI systems

Provides accelerator design to operate vision algorithms for robots, medical systems, vision AI and autonomous vehicles in real time.

Accurately deliver customer-requested products, including image sensor and ECU module bring-up services.

The following videos show how our measurement system and measuring tools are being used.

For a long time, we have been providing measurement systems and analysis systems for testing, data validation and HiLS(Hardware in Loop System) for autonomous vehicle systems and vision AI development  to the world's leading OEM, tier1, and the vehicle driving platform company.

Also, we've been providing custom design services for them, such as vision processor and vision AI's real-time accelerator  engine.  Due to our proven technology, we can be your great partner in the development of autonomous vehicle systems and vision AI systems

Concept for Logging and Reprocessing
Vehicle Data Logging for ADAS
Vehicle Data Reprocessing for ADAS
SW & HW in Loop System operation demo 1 for ADAS
SW & HW in Loop System operation demo 2 for ADAS
Media Converter and Automotive Ethernet Analysis Program


A company that strives for competitiveness and specialization and grows based on customer trust.

  • ~ 2013

    Creative Company

    We have developed the world's first standalone SoC chip for surveillance. This lowered the system price, minimized and stabilized the product, eventually leading to mass production. We have been creating a new paradigm for our customers

  • 2013 ~

    Technologies for Real World

    We provide accelerator designs of vision algorithms for robotics and autonomous vehicles in real-time performance. For our customers, we have been developing plenty of custom accelerators for various applications.

  • 2015 ~

    Basic Equipment for Autonomous Driving System

    For the development and testing of vision AI systems (including autonomous system), it is absolutely necessary to use an equipment for logging, reprocessing, HiLs and analysis of sensor data and network data for vehicles.

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